Tuesday, 19 July 2011

On the snail trail - giant Kentish land snails and snailish faery art ......

   Walking and flying high above the village - at the top of the North Downs Way - with Martin  (Faery Guardian)  happily following the scent of rabbits, we came face to face with this Giant Kentish Land Snail. I was so pleased to see him thriving there still, it's quite a while since I left my wood to talk to the snails.

   Glad to see that the crow who left his quill so close hadn't worked up an appetite big enough for one of these fellows!

Got me thinking about the faery art that I know. Faeries with snails - hmmm - now that I come to think of it, we are all drawn RIDING on them. Odd really wouldn't you say - as we can fly quite fast when the wind takes us - and a snail - well - a tad slow for transport perhaps?

'The Snail Charioteer' illustration by Hilda T Miller c1920

Mind you - a little faery-dust - judiciously placed on their tails makes them go at a fair pace - but that's a secret.

'The Snail Race' A detail from a painting by Victorian artist Richard Doyle

1920's postcard 'The Fairy Waggon'  by illustrator Rene Cloke, published by Valentine's

   Now, here's a rare snippet - it is from from a much larger painting showing Titania and her fairy assistants - I love this idea of the little gladiators falling back before their snail aggressor   ........

Detail from 'A Midsummer Night's Fairies' by Robert Huskisson 1847
This painting can be seen in The Tate Gallery, London

    Lastly, an illustration from acclaimed contemporary artist David T Wenzel - do have a look at his website and see his fantastic images. You'll find his prints for sale there too. (Link below)

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