Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Barcelona - a small selection of faery-style chimneys by faery-architect Antoni Gaudi .....

Fairies and Chimneys 
You know the smoke from chimneys—
 It often isn't smoke,
 It's nothing but the fairies
 Having such a joke.
 Round they fly and round about,
 Higher still and higher -
 "Dearie me," the people say,
 "A chimney on fire!"
You know the noise the wind makes
 At night-time now and then
 It's just those naughty fairies
 At their tricks again -
 Sitting in the chimney
 Round and round in rows,
 Singing all together
 And warming up their toes.
Rose Fyleman1921
Hedge faery and wood guardian Muddypond Green has been on her travels, taking flashes in the autumn sun amongst the famous chimneys of Barcelona.
 Faery-tale chimneys from dreams.
You might like to read a little more, and even see a picture of Ms Green with a chimney! Oh my!

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