Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Early spring greening in a faery wood .......

 Wet and damp and English - this is my wood in the end of February rain.   My wood you ask? 
Well yes, I am its Wood Guardian. Not so many of us left now - faded and hunted and poisoned as we've been over the years - but perhaps not beyond redemption! Even now there seem to be less toxins in the water of the little stream.
 It's dreer and cold today, but everywhere I see deep-green clumps of bluebell leaves, fast pushing up towards the light. They'll bloom here by the million, set their seed and fade away into the soft, black, hundred year mulch before the leaves are fully out on the chestnuts and hazels above them.

Such a very satisfying sight. Talking of hazels, look at the catkins, dancing with promise and only a little drizzle dampened.  Better check on those hazel dormice soon - far too cold still for them to fall out of bed

Mind you - if you want to pick a switch of wood to make a wand just now, it's not the hazel you're wanting -  it's the Ash you'll need to seek out, for this is its ruling time, until mid-March.  
Learn more about the Ash Tree, in my Ogham pages. A good one that for the healing.

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