Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Tale of the Sad Swan Song and the Good Sir Terry Pratchett ......

This Bitter Earth!
Now you see, swans are magickal birds. there is no disputing this - and so it has been - throughout time. Did you ever see a swan, carrying its cygnets on its back - wings raised as railings - a floating play pen? I think Sir Terry must have!

'The Six Swans'- Warwick Goble - from 'The Fairy Book'. by Dinah Craik - pub: Macmillan & Co.1913.

 It is a matter of the utmost bad luck to kill a swan - they partner for life and grieve woefully if parted. Not only this - but you never know if the swan you're watching, paddling gracefully against the river, isn't really a  maiden, a fae princess transformed for a while to reflect her feathers in the lake.

Mute Swan - this picture is from Mike Atkinson - Bird Photograper extraodinaire.

Someone in Britain then, is in for some extreme bad luck - thirty-one swans - thirty-one living, loving, magickal beings - they have killed, shot, and more wounded, in the last month. A reward has been raised, to find the malignant-one. You can read more about this blackest deed in the news - a report from today's national newspaper - but be warned - some of the pictures are upsetting!
'The Wild Swans' - Adrienne Segur - from The Golden Book of Fairy Tales
pub: Classic Golden Books - reprint available here

 Sir Terry Pratchett - incandescent with disbelief and rage - has offered a further £10,000 - I hope the killer is found. I know the killer has brought upon himself the bad luck which is sure to ensue from his meddling with souls  - thank you for your help Sir Terry - I hope also that someone will give the reward to a caring charity. Perhaps they could try!

Video from 'Wintermood'
Think on't pernicious swan-slayer! - think on't!

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