Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Rain, rain, go away - dull beginnings for 2012

    A sweet, rainy poem by Rose Fyleman, from 'The Fairy Flute' pub 1921 Methuen & Co, caught my eye today, while I was sheltering from torrential rain, looking through my faery collection of magical things. So, I burrowed further and found some of Muddypond's favourite 'rainy' illustrations to share .....

The Puddle Dance by Margaret Tarrant, an old postcard pub 'The Medici Society'

Rainy Morning

As I was walking in the rain
I met a fairy down the lane.
We walked along the road together,
I soon forgot about the weather ....

'Rain, rain, go away,' illustration by Arthur Rackham
from 'The Nursery Rhymes of Mother Goose' Vol 41 pub 1913
He told me lots of lovely things:
The story that the robin sings,
And where the rabbits go to school,
And how to know a fairy pool,
And what to say and what to do
If bogles ever bother you.

'The Hail Storm' by G.E.Shepheard
from'The Playtime Story Book' pub Ward, Lock & Co.

The flowers peeped from hedgy places
And shook the raindrops from their faces,
And furry creatures all the way
Came popping out and said "Good-day."

'Shelter from the Rain' by Margaret Tempest
An old postcard from Medici Society, posted 1938
But when we reached the little bend,
Just where the village houses end,
He seemed to slip into the ground,
And when I looked about I found
The rain was suddenly all over
And the sun shining on the clover.

                                        Rose Fyleman

" 'My feet are quite dry!' she exclaimed, as she paddled through a pool ..."
illustration of Little Grey Rabbit in her new galoshes
 by Margaret Tempest from 'Wise Owl's Story' pub Collins 1935

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