Monday, 28 March 2011

Moonlight Owls and live webcams ...........

 I am the Barn Owl - I am the silent messenger and moon-reflecting eyes of Hecate - Goddess of Death. I am the symbol of Athene, whose wisdom I carry.
Silent on the wing, ghostly so they say - but my strange,  hissing screeech may take you by surprise on a moonlit walk.
I am a totem animal for many - for seers and others who think they can tell what the future holds.
I embody myths, moons and magic.

 Faery Muddypond Green has been scrying the live webcam from The Barn Owl Trust for quite a while now - first there was just a nest-box on a cross beam in a barn. Then - one night - and over the next days - a solitary female owl .... me ......

Hmmm - this might be a nice place - but I have the strangest feeling I am being watched!!
Think I might just check out the inside.

Bit lonely - but I'm holding out for a hero you know?


I think he likes me :-)


Click here - come on in and see if we are at home ... learn, shop, support the trust ...

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