Tuesday, 5 July 2011

'Kuky Se Vraci' - gentle film-art and animation extraordinaire! .......

    Have you seen this bear?  If not, I really think it's time you did!   He is the STAR of the beautiful animated film from the Czech Republic - 'Kuky Se vraci'  - literally - 'Kuky Returns'.

  First released last year, this film - which can be seen subtitled in English, is a must see for lovers of zany art-work. The puppets used in the stop-motion animation, mixed with live actor scenes are just off-the-wall - and - more importantly - I'd say they'd been made from faery-founds - roots, twigs, acorns.!

"What was that?"
"Some god."
"A god?"
"Everyone here is the god of something - a stream - a rock etc."

From brilliant designer and puppet maker Jakub Dvorsky (left)
and award winning Czech director Jan Svěrak (right).

There's a book too with the story and lots of Jakub's drawings - here is a double page spread of the characters!
You can buy the book as a download here - https://sites.fastspring.com/amanitadesign/instant/kookythebookpdf

When Kuky gets thrown away and ends up in a land-fill site, he desperately tries to get home. In the forest - where he meets the Guardian (here in the pictures below) and Nushka, the Guardian's would be successor - his adventures really begin ......

Well - you will gather that I am a Kuky enthusiast!!

Here is the Official Film Trailer
You can buy the DVD here ....  http://shop.ebay.com/biografjs/m.html

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