Thursday, 18 August 2011

'The Fairies Give Thanks', with magical garden blues .......

A poem written by Rose Fyleman - from her 'Fairy Book' first pub 1923

The Fairies Give Thanks

To all kind folk who make delightful gardens
Where we may live,
Enjoying days and nights of busy leisure
Amid devices fashioned for our pleasure,
Our thanks we give.

'Joining in the Fairy Revel' is by Hilda T Miller,
who illustrated the original Rose Fyleman Fairy Book

For dancing-lawns and gravelled jousting-places,
For guardian trees,
For ferny thickets strewn with moss-grown mountains
And lily-ponds and waterfalls and fountains -
For all of these.

Charged are we also by our little comrades
The gentle birds,
That we their messages of thanks should bring you,
Since they from grateful hearts can only sing you
Songs without words.

'The Fairies have their tiffs with the birds'
Arthur Rackham - from Peter Pan

Faeries are creatures of moonlight and dusk, and so they love to see the blue and purple shaded flowers in gardens, cool and luminous in the evenings. Pools, lakes, streams and fountains are a must.

'Meadowland' by Adrienne Segur

The two photographs of the garden, above, were taken this week

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