Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Of spring lambs and Mr. Blake ....

 Here's the sight that lets the fae know that spring has truly arrived. Suddenly yesterday, the fields around my woods and lanes were full of energetic, very-new-born lambs - romping in the evening sunshine. I took some of their portraits and they seemed quite proud of themselves!

     Did you know that our dour visionary poet - painter William Blake (an important friend of all fae and angels)
penned a sweet,short rhyme about lambs in the spring?

It's from 'Songs of Innocence and Experience'  - one of his best known works with fine illustrations, each engraved and filled in with water colour.
  The little Spring rhyme shows that he did have some happy moods it seems.

'Bo Peep' by Jessie Wilcox Smith - from Mother Goose 1913

Sound the flute!
Now 'tis mute;
Birds delight
Day and night,
In the dale;
Lark in the sky
Merrily, merrily to welcome in the year.

Little boy,
Full of joy;
Little girl,
Sweet and small;
Cock does crow
So do you;
Merry voice,
Infant noise;
Merrily, merrily to welcome in the year.

Little lamb,
Here I am;
Come and lick
My white neck;
let me pull
Your soft wool;
Let me kiss
Your soft face;
Merrily, merrily to welcome in the year.

William Blake

Illustration at left is by Joseph martin Kronheim and is from 'My First Picture Book'
At right - 'Mary had a little Lamb' - Kate Greenaway
The delicate art of Jessie M King from her collection 'Seven Happy Days' pub. 1913 in 'The Studio' magazine.
I'll leave you with one more proud and woolly mum. Yesterday when I spoke to her and asked if I might use this picture she was so very excited!  Her twins liked Mr Blake's rhyme. So here she is ...

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